The Continental Steel Works - 54 Years Ago!

06 May 2020

The Continental Steel Works – May 2nd 1966

54 years have passed since this photo was taken of our site here in Sheffield. The cobbles still remain although we don’t see many Hillman Minx these days!

A long history of steel manufacturing can be traced back on this road. The Continental Steel Works, as it is known, was built in 1870 where Jonas & Colver began their 100 years of steel making before the building became a training centre for the next few decades.

Following a huge restoration project in 2013, steel manufacturing proudly returned when Special Quality Alloys moved their operations to this historical site following a short trip of a few yards from our original home opposite.

Also, with some clever design and building work, the site now connects through to our forging facility on the adjacent Birch Road.