RCS Billet - The start material for a forged product

08 October 2020

'RCS Billet' - The start material for a forged product.

A 'round cornered square' section of semi-finished material, usually cogged, hot-rolled, or continuous-cast, and uniform in section.

Our experienced team will determine the size/weight of the RCS billet required for a particular job which is also known as the ‘input weight’.

Here are some of the factors we would consider:

Type of forging – blank, ring, block, shaft, bar, boss shape
Alloy – Density and forgeability
Finished machined sizes – From our customers drawing.
Forging allowance – To allow for machining once we have manufactured the forged parts.
Scale % – This is dependent upon material grade, for example, scaling is more significant in low alloy/carbon grades.
Punch weight – If making a ring, extra input weight allowance is needed to cover the material that will be punched out to make the hole.