Alloy 718 Tubing Hanger Forgings

25 March 2019

It was great to see these tubing hanger forgings passing through the works just recently. They have just got back from in-house proof machining and now getting ready for despatch. Without doubt this has been a flagship product for SQA over the years and is a real example of the technical expertise within our team supporting the manufacture of bespoke forgings used in subsea wellhead systems

We maintain a ‘seamless’ supply chain from ingot through to the proof machined product with the support of our team of qualified metallurgists. Our group companies provide a solid infrastructure to reduce cost and time fluctuations and support further flexibility for bespoke manufacturing with witness opportunities at every stage. This includes forging, heat treatment, mechanical testing and NDE/Inspection.

A shaped forging can offer many advantages as opposed to machining from bar stock including improved mechanical properties and grain flow. Being forged closer to the finished size and shape will reduce the starting weight, overall material cost and save on machining times as opposed to bar stock.

Our sales team look forward to reviewing any of your future forging requirements!