63 Tonne Anvil Arrives

06 October 2017

With the arrival of the Anvil the next stage was to start on the core sampling to identify required ground works. In the coming months we will finalise the additional Electric/Gas requirements, and the purchasing of other key ancillary equipment such as Furnacing and Compressors.

All this effort will enable Special Quality Alloys to offer an increased forging capacity, meaning larger products in the “Inconel” type grades such as A718, A625, A725,  A716, A925 & A825 as well as Duplex/Super Duplex, Stainless Steels and Carbon Steels. Our forged product offerings include rings, boss forgings, flanges, bonnets, blocks and bar type product.


As well as increasing our forging capacity it will enable us to offer additional capital equipment to support our fast track deliveries.

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